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The technology boom has affected nearly every industry, including dentistry. The advent of computers, lasers, and miniaturization has improved the dental care patients receive when they visit us at TLC Family Dentistry. From intraoral cameras to soft tissue lasers, new dental equipment has changed the face of dentistry forever.

Intraoral Camera

Open your mouth and say, “Wow!” Intraoral cameras represent a giant leap forward for dentistry. They allow our dentists to thoroughly inspect a patient’s mouth and see potential dental issues that a dental mirror might miss. In fact, an intraoral camera permits dentists to see hairline cracks in teeth that might later lead to a broken tooth.

One of the best parts about intraoral cameras involves real-time imaging. As the dentist inspects your mouth, you can view the inside of your own mouth on a nearby screen. Your dentist will point out any problem areas, including cracks, chips, gum disease, lesions, and other oral conditions. 

Digital X-Rays

With digital x-rays, taking a good look inside of your body becomes a snap. The days of heavy radiation exposure delayed film development, and fuzzy images remain a thing of the past. Digital x-rays have already made a huge impact on the speed and quality of the dental care that patients receive.

Digital x-rays use a fraction of the radiation that film-based radiography does, reducing the risk that a patient suffers future health issues. Plus, digital x-rays produce an image within a matter of seconds, not minutes. When the images do appear, their clarity and contrast far outpace those created by traditional x-rays. 

Soft Tissue Laser

Behold the awesome power of lasers! Other industries have used lasers for decades. Now dentists wield them for extra precision and automatic cauterization when cutting or shaping soft tissue. In cosmetic dentistry, dentists use lasers to reshape gums, remove lumps, and take biopsies. Patients benefit from a soft tissue laser in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reduced healing time
  • Avoidance of sutures
  • Increased comfort
  • Less bleeding
  • Shorter dental procedures

If our dentists determine that you serve as a good candidate for laser dental technology in Huntington Beach, CA, a small pen-shaped wand will excise bothersome soft tissue and cauterize the wound simultaneously. Most of the time, patients can drive themselves home and continue their normal daily activities after laser dental treatment.

Why Local Patients Choose TLC Family Dentistry

Local dental patients choose TLC Family Dentistry because they know we have the best dental technology in Huntington Beach, CA. We stay up-to-date on the latest advancements to provide excellent dental services to our patients in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas. We also receive extensive training in new technologies to serve our patients better.

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