The city of Westminster was founded by Rev. Lemuel Webber in 1870. Located in northern Orange County of California, Westminster takes up a large portion of southeast Los Angeles city. It is popularly known as the capital of overseas Vietnamese. More than 36,000 Vietnamese Americans live here who immigrated during the 1980s.

Little Saigon

Little Saigon is mainly an ethnic enclave of Vietnamese immigrants. This urban district is located in Orange County, California, more exactly in between the cities of Westminster and Garden Grove. The heart of Little Saigon is the Bolsa Avenue center which contains a fusion of Vietnamese and Chinese Vietnamese businesses.


Washington is a small suburban area in Huntington Beach, California. More specifically, it is located just south of the intersection of San Diego Freeway and Beach Boulevard. This neighborhood dates back to 1960 and currently has a population of over eight thousand.

Oak View

Oak View is a tiny neighborhood in Huntington Beach, California. This community has only 2 blocks where you can do most of your daily tasks on foot. In the center of this town, there is Oak View Center Park. There are plenty of dining options, grocery stores, and other shops located around Oak View.

Bolsa Chica-Heil

Bolsa Chica-Heil is a residential area located in the western part of Huntington Beach, CA. It has a population of almost 4,000. There are some businesses including restaurants, cafes, and banks located on Bolsa Chica Street and Heil Avenue. On the northern part of this neighborhood, there is Village View Elementary School just beside Graham street.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is a scenic beachfront neighborhood and a census-designated place in Orange County, California. Part of greater Huntington Beach city, this community was established in 1904 and later developed as a result of the discovery of the Huntington Beach Oil Field. Approximately 1,000 people live in Sunset Beach.

West Garden Grove

Governed by Orange County of California, West Garden Grove is a neighborhood that encompasses the western part of the city of Garden Grove. Compared to the rest of Garden Grove, this neighborhood has a lower population density and higher median income. There are also less crime and the quality of life is excellent in West Garden Grove.

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is a typical commuter town in Orange County, California. It is bordered by Huntington Beach on the south and west. The San Diego Freeway bisects this city in the southwest and northeast portions. This suburban city has a large population of more than 55,000. Among them, most are upper-middle-class residents.