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Reverse the damage caused by tooth loss with TLC Family Dentistry’s porcelain bridges in Huntington Beach, CA. Dentists often recommend dental crowns and bridges instead of dentures if the patient still possesses several healthy teeth. Dental bridges contain thin sheets of porcelain fused to metal that mimic natural teeth and prevent existing teeth from shifting. 

Below, learn more about dental bridges and how they work.

When Do You Need Dental Bridges?

Missing teeth can pose major problems for patients, impacting their ability to speak and causing bone loss. The gaps left behind can also lead to a loss of confidence, which often results in an aversion to smiling.  

Left unchecked, the gap created by a missing tooth may allow the surrounding teeth to shift slowly, filling the open space and resulting in several potential problems. For example, missing teeth may cause an uneven bite, a higher risk of periodontal disease, or one of several temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). 

Missing teeth can also result in patients looking far older than their actual ages. If you suffer from missing teeth, TLC Family Dentistry can restore the function and appearance of your teeth with porcelain bridges in Huntington Beach, CA.

How We Install a Dental Bridge

Patients who require a new dental bridge usually need to make two or more visits to our office. The first visit involves getting a temporary bridge installed until the next appointment. Our dentists will remove a portion of the enamel from a couple of teeth to make room for a crown abutment. Patients will make an impression of their teeth so that a laboratory can prepare an accurate mold.

During the second visit, our dentists check the patient’s teeth and cement the permanent bridge to achieve a perfect fit. In more complicated cases, our dentists may temporarily cement the bridge to provide time for the teeth and gum tissue to adjust. Later, we will permanently affix the bridge.

Why Dental Bridges?

Patients with missing teeth require one of three dental treatments to restore their lost teeth: dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures. Dental implant treatments tend to cost the most, while the complications and discomfort associated with dentures pose significant problems. Dental bridges represent a happy medium.

Dental bridges offer several advantages over full and partial dentures. For one, dental bridges require less maintenance and provide more comfort than dentures. Also, dental bridges do not limit what a patient can eat as much as dentures do. They also demonstrate considerable durability with proper care and allow patients to speak freely without worrying about whether their bridge might fall out. 

Dental bridges represent a cost-effective dental treatment option for patients looking for an affordable solution to their tooth loss issues. Although dental implants may offer certain advantages over bridges, the high cost associated with implants makes dental bridges an efficient alternative that comes at a reasonable cost.

Why Dentists Choose Porcelain for Dental Bridges

Porcelain dental bridges offer several benefits. Consider the following points and discover why porcelain bridges represent such a great false tooth solution: 

  • High durability
  • Less frequent replacements required 
  • Resembles the natural color of teeth – ideal for missing front teeth 
  • Support the function of existing teeth
  • Do not corrode, change color, or lose shine over time

The Best Porcelain Bridges in Huntington Beach, CA

If you suffer from missing teeth, make your smile whole again with help from the veteran dentists in Huntington Beach at TLC Family Dentistry. We provide the best available porcelain bridges for all of our patients. At TLC Family Dentistry, we prioritize amazing results and the comfort of our patients above all else.

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