Teeth Whitening: A Quick Smile Fix


In 1992, author John Gray wrote a book declaring Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Selling 50 million copies, the publication spent 121 weeks on the bestseller list and became a key theme in American pop culture. Researchers have since shown that the catchy metaphor applies to smiles, too. When women see a nice smile, they’re inclined to believe it indicates a warm personality. Men look at the same smile and perceive success.

Regardless of the measure or those measuring it, your smile matters. A gorgeous smile connects with those around us and facilitates social and career success in our lives. But sometimes a pleasant smile starts to lose its shine. Teeth begin to dull, yellowing slowly from exposure to intense food pigments called chromogens. Commonly found in coffee, tea, and wine, chromogens attach to the white outer enamel of your teeth.


Tar and nicotine are two of the many chemicals found in tobacco that discolor teeth. While tar is dark, colorless nicotine changes to a yellow stain once it mixes with oxygen. A potent discoloring mix forms with other food and beverage compounds and embeds into the enamel. Along with natural aging that thins out enamel or a history of exposure to certain medications, a smile may lose its influence for many reasons.

A Bright Return

But returning brilliance to a smile is simple, fast, and safe. Professional whitening methods may remove years of unpleasant color and release the many benefits of a terrific smile. In-office and take-home tray systems offer the most efficient ways to break down color compounds. But choosing the right approach and proper formulation for your teeth should be determined with the teeth whitening experts at our practice. Guidance through a whitening program makes the all the difference in the outcome.

Various factors need a little consideration before starting a whitening program. And you may be surprised to find some teeth respond to whitening and others prove more resistant. For example, porcelain teeth won’t respond to traditional whitening and should be evaluated to consider their role in your smile. That doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution that works for your teeth. We specialize in bringing everyone’s smile to another level!

The Professional Advantage

Although teeth whitening gels are based on one of two general formulas, you’ll find significant differences in quality and strength. We only use professional gels from reputable manufacturers, designed to be safe and non-toxic. In addition, all gels are extremely sensitive to temperature and must be transported and stored correctly. If mishandled, even the best products will deteriorate rapidly and lose their ability to whiten your teeth. If they do, you end up wasting time and money. We only use products from established companies with proven quality control measures in place.

Teeth whitening lifts years of unpleasant stain from your teeth and brings out the best of your natural beauty. Or maybe you’ll find an underlying brilliance that you never knew existed! We’d love to chat with you about your options for bringing your smile to life. Give us a call to discover the magic of professional teeth whitening.