Introducing a Soft Tissue Dental Laser in Huntington Beach, CA

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Remove lumps and shape your gums with lasers! Traditional dentistry will always have its place, but laser dentistry offers several novel benefits to dental patients. At TLC Family Dentistry, our dentists receive extensive training on all of the latest technology, including dental lasers, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, and more. Learn a little more about soft tissue dental lasers below.

What Does a Soft Tissue Laser Do?

Healthcare practitioners from many different fields have begun employing lasers as part of their treatment plans. Most patients understand that lasers cut and burn body tissue, but why do dentists prefer them over more traditional tools? What do soft tissue lasers even do?

At TLC Family Dentistry, we use a small, pen-shaped device to remove lumps, reshape gums, take biopsies, and perform other dental care procedures. A dental laser serves as a safe, effective tool to shorten surgery times, speed up recovery, and minimize blood loss.

What Conditions Does a Dental Laser Treat?

Using a soft tissue dental laser in Huntington Beach, CA, helps dentists treat a wide range of issues more efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Tissue biopsies
  • Gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Revealing buried dental implants
  • Treatment of ulcers or cold sores
  • Alleviation of soft tissue inflammation
  • Frenectomy and frenotomy
  • Cauterization to control bleeding
  • Draining abscesses
  • Exposing impacted teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Uncovering subgingival cavities
  • TMJ pain relief
  • Flap surgery

Are Soft Tissue Lasers Safe for Everyone?

Diode lasers remain safe for use on adults and children. The strength of a soft tissue dental laser in Huntington Beach, CA, stays far below that of lasers used in industrial and military settings. The power of the laser undergoes frequent calibration so that it creates just enough energy to cut tissues and instantly cauterize them.

For children, laser treatment can help with growth and development issues or assist wisdom teeth as they move into place. Most kids find it exciting to have a laser used on them and can not wait to tell their friends and classmates about the experience.

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