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Missing teeth ruin otherwise bright, beautiful smiles and cause a loss of confidence in many patients. Dentures represent a cost-effective solution to replace teeth because of their affordability and history of success. TLC Family Dentistry presents top-quality partial and full dentures in Huntington Beach, CA, for all our patients who suffer from severe tooth loss.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures serve as either a complete or partial set of false teeth. Dentures represented the primary solution for tooth loss and have been used for centuries. In recent decades, modern technology has improved dentures in several ways, from the fit to the appearance to the functionality. Recent advancements have taken dentures a step further with implanted supports for extra stability and ease of use.

Who Requires Dentures?

Any patient who has suffered significant tooth loss becomes a good candidate for dentures. Patients may lose their teeth due to poor oral hygiene, advancing age, sports injuries, excessive wear from nighttime grinding, and other causes. Regardless of the cause of a patient’s tooth loss, early intervention remains crucial to avoid deterioration of the jawbone.

Now that dental implants have emerged as a popular choice for patients who have lost teeth, a dentist will use considerable discretion when advising a patient on whether dentures represent the best solution. If a patient merely lacks one tooth, a dental implant will suffice. Several missing teeth could call for removable partial dentures in Huntington Beach, CA. A patient that has lost every tooth will need either full dentures or implant-supported dentures. 

Benefits of Full Dentures

Complete dentures provide several benefits for patients who have lost all of their teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay. Some of the advantages of complete dentures include:

  • Restored ability to smile
  • Elimination of social anxiety
  • Restored function while biting, chewing and speaking
  • Retention of the patient’s original face shape
  • Prevention of enamel loss due to constant use of remaining teeth
  • Low maintenance

The Best Partial and Full Dentures in Huntington Beach, CA.

Dr. Sepidah Basti works with skilled technicians to provide functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing denture solutions for our patients. We work towards minimizing everyday frustrations associated with dentures and aim at providing a comfortable experience. 

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